We're the company behind Baobab Suite.

Of all the projects we've poured our hearts into, Baobab Suite is our greatest achievement together. Our mobile app publishing experience serves as the inspiration for our ambitious goal — to help news publishers revolutionise how they distribute their content.

A publisher's foundation to sustain a native mobile app ecosystem.

Baobab Suite example Telegraph platforms

Baobab Suite was designed by publishing and digital specialists for the publishing industry. The platform allows publishers to quickly and cost effectively launch numerous content-driven apps and also re-distribute content via centralised control mechanisms. We have modelled the import, repackage, preview and publish process to cater for high frequency nature of the publishing industry. Baobab Suite aims to complement existing CMS, subscription, analytical or advert systems rather than replace.

If your strategy is to diversify and experiment digitally around deploying multiple dynamic content-driven app solutions for specific target markets, we believe you can put your trust in Baobab Suite.

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Our team has invested years earning experience in various industries and disciplines. A unique passion for software engineering excellence makes our team stand out. Discover the different roles we incorporate to build the software we're proud of:

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